Vous Avez Encore Des Secrets Á Dire

by Alexander Korda

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released August 16, 2011


tags: punk Tempe


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Alexander Korda Tempe, Arizona

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Track Name: Let Your Tiara Slip A Little
i've received statues of bronze and ice yearly. what does that say about me? what does that say about you? you've got a chip on your shoulder about me. so tell me, what's maturity? take that tone out of your voice. it's most unattractive. isn't it time for your milk and arsenic?
i thought you wanted to know what it's like to have no one take you seriously. it's when they might as well speak of you only in the past tense. it's when you may as well be cast in bronze.
Track Name: Playing Lord & Haven Simultaneously
was i so unattractive, so distant, forbidding, or cold? i guess i'm a weak character; i'm still in love with you. but i am no thief.
Track Name: Trying Out For The Land Around Us
all auditions leave before the casting call. history will show that life is no bed of roses. it's not an easy routine: constantly making and waiting.
would you believe me i said that glass fogging made you seem like the right choice? this will be one less heart for you to ache, and one less photo frame for me to break. and then maybe i'll realize that those sad-faced photos that i poured over were shot by somebody else.
Track Name: We Fall Woefully Short
even with a hand so heavy there is little that i can do alone. i'd break the seal if it were mine to break. i swear. she's trialed through hatred and anguish only to settle on false promises of bliss. promised by the lion's share. promised by the heavy hand. it's all i see, and i don't want to see the boys. i don't want to see the girls. she doesn't want to see the boys. she doesn't want to see the girls.
Track Name: Fiction, The Sword
i'd like to wrap my hands around the neck of the author.